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  • Heritage Grape Winery Pvt ltd - Marketing Executive

  • Heritage Grape Winery Pvt ltd - WINE MAKER

  • Alpine Wineries Private Limited - Marketing Intern

  • B.M Marketing - ARCHITECT –Report To Director

  • Deluxe Digital Studios - Foreign Language Specialist Position’s

  • EKA Pvt Ltd - Research and Development



News & Events

  • It's raining jobs at IIM campuses across the country - big banks are back for summer placements and hedge funds have made their debut.

  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is organizing an International Conference in collaboration with Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Sahodaya School Complexes.

  • A north Indian university, promoted by a well-known business group in the region, recently asked a Mumbai-based headhunter to find a more ‘competent’ vice-chancellor.

Experience Knowledge Abroad

  • eka offers Internship programs in India to young graduates and professionals, for global career advancement.
  • Come join our unique Program GPS+ for a Life changing exposure and acquire Global People skills+.
  • Gain unique insights from working in prominent Indian companies.
  • Acquire a new perspective from an exposure to a millennia-old culture and Indian way of life guidance by our experienced mentors.
  • Learn how diversity unites people and cultivate essential traits of a successful 21st century Manager attending workshops, conferences and week end group activities.

  • Develop knowledge from learning beyond-the-class-room from Indian gurus.
  • Come and discover a range of personalized programs like:
    Summer and year-long packages, customized, premium, special, personalized packages + Study Tours, Research Programs for student groups, universities, companies, and entrepreneurs interested in the Incredible India Story.

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